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Blade Review: US Mid-Grade vs. SF Infinity V4

Ever wondered how the Ultrasaber’s Mid-Grade blade compares to Saberforge’s Infinity V4? (here’s a link to the video comparison)



Well you’re about to find out.

These are my new ultrasabers, they are my first from the company, and I’m more or less pleased with the quality and definitely happy about the cost.

Presenting, the Dominx V3 and the Aeon V3

The design is incredibly minimalist, which I like. The hilts are substantially longer than my Saberforge apprentice sabers, but with thin walls and no sound, the they are come out quite a bit lighter than the saberforge, which I also like.

Enough about the hilt.

The blades are what gather us here today.
Both Ultrasabers have Mid-Grade blades (not ultraedge). Both Saberforge’s have Infinity V4 blades.


I believe that the V4 weighs around the same as the Heavy Grade (ultrasabers), which is self explanatory enough. This makes for a much heavier saber in total which may be good for heavy combat (which I’m not a fan of). Another reason to use a heavier blade would be for training purposes. Maybe you want to improve strength, or find that adding weight can slow down the more complex spins. Maybe you want to practice heavy and fight light? Nuff said?


The color seems more true on the Ultrasaber Mid-Grade, where as the V4 has a more creamy opaqueness to it. Both are lovely, just different. One thing I really like about the Mid-Grade is the translucent edge, which makes it look like a glass tube filed with neon color. Very cool effect.


Saberforge claims to have the brightest sabers, and I think they do. They are blinding. However, the mid grade blade simply seems to let more light out.


If you want to fight with minimal protection, I would recommend the UltraSabers Mid-Grade over the Saberforge V4. Otherwise, it all comes down to what you’re looking for in a saber.

Having said that, my buddy Greg and I fought with the V4 for months and were fine. For those familiar with Ludosport, you might know that they use a blade closer to mid grade because it allows more control, which is inherently safer. Something to think about.

A last word to the wise:

When you do fight, keep in mind that you should always use like blades. If you fight heavy against mid grade, you’ll break the mid. I imagine V4 would break mid as well.


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