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Saber Review: Dominix and Aeon V3 by Ultrasabers

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I started a lightsaber group in Kona, Hi, and guess what, no-one has a lightsaber. So, being the valiant saber citizen that I am, I went out and bought the Dominix and Aeon V3.

Why these? Because if you forgo all the bells and whistles, they come out to something like $80 a piece. I also wanted to experience an Ultrasaber for myself, as well as the mid-grade blade (which I love, here’s a review/comparison of the saberforge V4 vs. Ultrasaber Mid-Grade).

There’s not much to say about these Sabers except that they are elegant, light, and simple. I like the 12.25 inch length and the 1.45 inch diameter, which is very comfortable in my medium-large hands. I don’t much care for the button in the middle, but that’s probably due to my recent exposure to the Polaris Ludosport saber.

The colors are wonderful, and the battery life seems exceptional (at least 3 weeks of moderate use on 4xAAA’s)

The only difference between the Aeon and Dominix is the hilt color, silver and black respectively.

I highly recommend this as a stunt saber, especially an entry level one. It would also make an incredible gift to start a youngling down the path of the Saber.

You know, everyone should have one of these laying around, maybe keep one in the bedroom with a Heavy Grade Blade in case of nighttime intruders (get a red blade to help preserve night vision)

the end.

P.S. Here’s my video review of the two in case you are the visual type





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