Lightsaber Combat

A Sport for a more Civizied Age

Rules of the Ring

This is a sport, and we do play by certain rules.

Here’s a quick run down.

  • Care for your partner, never strike with ill-intention
  • Respect your partner, do not underestimate their ability, this will keep you safe
  • Never strike the face.
  • Avoid striking with more power than you can control. You should be able to stop every strike before it lands.
  • Call out “distance” if you’re partner is going to run into something or someone.
  • No stabbing.


  • Wear Gloves if you value your hands and wrists.
  • Wear a Cup if you value you’re goods.
  • Wear Eye Protection if you enjoy the luxury of sight.
  • Respect the LightSaber and use it with care
  • Use a mid-grade blade when sparring (if you fight with heavy-grade, not only can you hurt you’re opponent more easily, but you will break a mid-grade blade)

Scoring and Parameters

  • Hits below the elbow and knees are non-mortal. When hit here, you must stop you’re movement, call out i! and indicate the struck area, but the opponent can continue attacking.
  • Hits above the the elbows and knees are mortal. When hit here, call out O! and both fighters reset in guard position for next round.
  • Number of rounds, Time Limit, and Fighting Area is determined before the fight.


Many of these rules are adapted from LudoSport Guidelines.


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