Lightsaber Combat

A Sport for a more Civizied Age

The Fight

Some people wonder what their first fight will be like.

There is a lot of doubt, and sometimes anxiety, but if you can stay out of your head and in the moment, you’ll find that it’s not at all impossible to hold your own, even with an opponent far more experienced.

There is a rush. Not unlike asking the cute girl to dance at the bar, or at the top of a roller coaster before the plummet. There is a deep down knowing that things are about to get very real.

We fight for these real moments.The moments when your instinct takes over and makes use of the many hours of training. That is when you can see yourself clearly. You can see you’re opponent. Everything else is quiet. Serenity.

Then you are moving. Taking in your opponents every motion, calculating distance, timing, processing intent and extrapolating attacks. You see openings come and go. Finally you take one and nearly lose the match when she parries with a new strike. You are still alive though, there is no mortal hit, the fight continues. So it goes.

You will take hits, they will hurt. Occasionally there will be bruises, but not much more. The pain is real though, and scary, which is a powerful motivator to perform your best. One of the greatest lessons you will learn is to see the attack, and not flinch. This is key. To flinch is a reaction, to look it head on, then decide on the best course of action is a response. When we respond, we experience a little victory.

Sometimes, you will surprise yourself. This is a Force phenomena. You will calmly respond to a swing by side stepping, then batting away the oncoming saber, in a short succession of quick and precise movements you will land the mortal blow, winning the match. When it is over, you won’t believe that it happened. But of course, it did happen, and you were the one to do it. You will do more impossible things. This is the nature of the sport.

Welcome to LightClub.

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