Lightsaber Combat

A Sport for a more Civizied Age

Lessons of the Lightsaber 

Some thoughts on the philosophical implication of training with the LightSaber. Original post found at Heroes In Public

The LightSaber is more than a fanboy relic, it is a tool for understanding the Self, and the Universe at large.


The Self

Like a gem, we each have a multitude of facets to observe and polish. By the Saber, we face our fear as we develop our courage, our confidence. By the saber we observe the laws of gravity and the concept of bodies in motion, which we learn to navigate with precision and grace. By the Saber we feel tension in our bodies and the motions that lay just beneath. By the Saber we we learn control of the Body, as well as the Mind. We learn Passion, and Serenity. We discover our limits, and how to expand them.

It is in Creative Exploration that we live by the Saber.

The Universe

Everything outside the Self. The Saber teaches us to observe and respond to reality. To see others and intuit their intention. To follow rhythm, and to derange it. To observe the cycles and to wait in patience for the proper time of action. The rotation of the blade and body gives us hints about celestial motion, galactic spin, universal expansion. The random strikes of our opponent illuminate quantum states. When we strike another, when we cause pain, we realize there is no separation.  Just as the Saber is an extension of the self, so are you an extension of me, and so are we an extension of the universe.

These are some Lessons of the LightSaber.

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