Lightsaber Combat

A Sport for a more Civizied Age


It’s time, my dear Saber Jockeys, to raise some funds.

Enter the Official Light Club Combat Uniform!!!!lightclub shirt


Crafted deep in the design forge that is Hannah Spearman Designs, the LightClub Combat Shirt features the simple, yet devastatingly stylish LightClub Logo.Print








The name is slashed through the middle by the Hex Saber, a custom designed hilt spawned for the use of the LightClub Order. No hilt can compare to the elegant, yet harsh angles of this saber. Clearly it is a civilized weapon, fit only for those masterfully trained in the ways of the force.


This Combat Tee is appropriate for all occasions, from fighting off hordes of sand LC_Green-HexSaberpeople, to dining with the Corellian Elite.

In a few words, it’s Deadly Stylish.

Buyer Beware: Equipping this item is not unlike carrying around a wallet labeled Jedi Bad-Ass, and thus comes with the inherent risk of honor challenges and unsolicited adventures. Awesomeness is to be expected when dawning this most auspicious tunic.


Claim yours today and be counted among the few, the skilled, the sexy.

That’s right, you too can be part of the Light Crew.



In all seriousness though….

Our mission is to reach as many people as possible, putting lightsabers in the hands of those who thought they didn’t belong on a field or in the arena. We teach skills that build confidence and capability, cultivating an awareness of the body, a sharpness of the mind, and a steadfast spirit.

In short, we’re training people in the Heroic Arts. The lessons we are learning enable us to live full, active, meaningful lives, and to regularly be around people that inspire us towards greatness.

In supporting LightClub, you help us bring this exciting new sport to the people of the Big Island, and eventually, to the mainland as well. (You could say we have visions of Grandeur!)

Please share this with anyone that wants to see a world with more lightsabers.

A world where nerds become athletes, jocks embrace fandom, and highly skilled combat communities create and maintain space for continual growth and development.
Combat is just the beginning. Welcome to the club.cropped-cropped-cropped-img_3111-1.jpg

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