Lightsaber Combat

A Sport for a more Civizied Age

Saber Meditations

Do you ever just walk around with your lightsaber?

Night time, day time, lit up or powered down, around the house or down the street? At the park? Back yard?

I like to walk around the farm with a LightSaber when I feel tense, overwhelmed, or under-motivated.

Sometimes I carry it somewhere and sit Qui-Gon style. Other times I practice form and footwork. I shadow duel occasionally.FullSizeRender 2

Most of the time I just try to carry it around as if it where the real McCoy, a true lightsaber. I try to keep the blade from carelessly grazing limbs and my surroundings. I try to imbue the saber with the weight of awesome power it is said to wield.IMG_3151

This is an interesting exercise because it makes you feel all at once very powerful, dangerous even, but reminds you that your tools are deadly serious. It feels sobering. This almost always has the effect of calming my mind and cultivating a warriors spirit. A sense that life is crazy and difficult, but that I have the tools and skills to handle it.

This is the Way of the Saber.




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