Lightsaber Combat

A Sport for a more Civizied Age

Honoring Form over Victory

Once you understand good form, it is wise to honor that form above simple victory. This shows your dedication to the artform, and a healthy level of care for your opponent.

Bad form is not only sloppy, but dangerous to both yourself and others. If you hurt someone with your uncontrolled movements, you must own that pain.

What is good form?

When your saber and feet create a solid foundation, which you can move in and out of naturally.

When you are balanced and can easily recoil into your second, third, fourth attack.

When Defense comes naturally, spontaneously. When you can trust the saber to be where it needs to be because you have drilled the positions into your neural networks.

When your attacks land precisely every time. Shoulder. Hip. Forehead (if advanced). Your saber edge is not merely attempting to cut, but cutting your target.

Alex Vs. Sam

What good for is not.

Good form is not overstretching in your attacks and defenses, leaving you vulnerable and unsteady.

It is not a flailing of the saber in moments of panic.

It is  not a thrust.

It is not operating at a speed beyond your control.

It is not tangled feet.


Choosing good form over victory.

This means allowing your opponent to strike you when you have failed to set yourself up for good form.  This means forgoing a mortal strike when you doubt your control of the blade. This means avoiding rash and dangerous movements even if it means you will lose.

Why? Because practice makes permanent, and if we practice good form, we will have good form. Of course, the opposite is true as well.

Another reason is because this control Honors the self and the partner. Poor form is how people get hurt. When you strike someone with poor form, their pain is on your hands. You are responsible.

Erratic, unskilled  strikes are harder to defend, but that is not what we do at LightClub.

Form over Vicorty is a decision that can only be made by a mature saber practitioner. However, there is an expectation that everyone practice in LightClub is evolving towards greater maturity.

Oh, just one more thing. Please remember, that this is a game. We are playing, having fun, enjoying the moment. Winning was never really the goal, right? (hopefully that makes the decision a little less conflicting!)

Think on it.




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