Lightsaber Combat

A Sport for a more Civizied Age

New to LightClub? Start here!

Welcome to LightClub!

I assume you must be into LightSabers, or Sword Play? Maybe both? Flow arts? Shiny things?!? Yes?

Then you’re in the right place!

We are a group of folks dedicated to training lightsabers then having entirely too much fun with them and we’re so glad you decided to join us!

Whether you’re more into observing or practice, dark side, or light, or just plain curious, feel free to poke around and ask questions.

You can always find someone to talk to on our facebook page as well as an up to date list of events!

Following is a list of suggested reading to get you started on the path of the LightSaber.


About tells you a little more about, well, the group and what we’re up to

The Core Principles is a set of values that we hope to act and grow by as a group. They also help to keep things light, fun, and safe.

If you’re thinking about buying a saber, check out this post!

We also go into more philosophical thoughts from time to time, ranging from the implications and nature of lightsaber training, to what it looks like to be a mature LightSaber Practitioner.

Last but least we have the Rules of the Ring, and a post on the nature of a Non-Mortal Disruption. These are key concepts worth thinking about before entering the ring.

So have fun, and don’t hesitate to reach out, your unlikely to find a friendlier group of nerds willing to go toe to toe with in the ring! Hope to see you next fight night!


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