Lightsaber Combat

A Sport for a more Civizied Age

Evolving in your Saber Practice

As we begin to develop, we learn to move with greater control and precision. We learn optimal velocities and vectors for attack and defense. We learn timing and distance.

In this way we evolve, or mature, in our saber practice.

Maturity comes with responsibility. The two go hand in hand, and having either one without the other is a recipe for suffering, and dare I say it…. the dark side?

If we accept this to be true; to whom, and in what regard, are you responsible?

Yourself, your partner, your environment.

If you are mature in your practice, you will:

Self: Execute movements that are safe and sustainable for your body. Limits are to be stretched incrementally, not broken (except in cases of dire need). To do otherwise is to cut your career short, and is ultimately a sign of disrespect for the self. Treat your body well, it is the only one you will ever get (in this lifetime).

Partner: Show care for your partners well being. This is a sport, a game, revolving around developing the self, and should be absent of the ego that demands dominance. If dominance is what you seek, this is not the place to find it. Here we help one another to expand in our skills, strengths, bodies, and minds. This means pushing your partner to their limits if you can, and giving your all in every encounter, even when defeat seems imminent. Part of this practice includes limiting your strikes to what is necessary. Tap, when possible, this shows far more maturity than leaving a red mark. Refrain from unnecessary force.

Environment: Show maturity in your spacial awareness. The fight is not everything, the world keeps turning around you despite the epic match that is taking place. Mind others in the area, do not impose your encounter on them. Mind the points of potential danger at the scene, do not allow yourself or your partner to fall victim to the terrain. Appreciate the delicate nature of those abiding your fight when in an unfamiliar place, show respect, and don’t knock over any vases.

These are some of the signs of a constantly Evolving LightSaber Practitioner.

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