Lightsaber Combat

A Sport for a more Civizied Age

LightSaber Lesson Plan June 2016

Here’s an idea of what class will look like during the month of June. This is a flexible framework, but it’s good to have an idea of goals to be accomplished with each session. After all, most of us only get to meet once a week for a little over an hour, so we definitely want to use the time well!

Warm ups:

10 minutes

This is a great time to chat and catch up before the class gets started. We’ll all circle up and do each movement together.
Arm circles.
Scapular push ups.
Down dogs.
Long Lunges and Squats.
High knees.
Skin the cats.
Head rolls.

Centering exercises:

2 minutes

Now we start to quiet the mind and focus on the task at hand, which is to move well and hone our saber skills. This is the Dojo Mindset

Get ready for some Qigong style lightsaber breath work.

Dynamic saber movements:

5 minutes

This is just a few minutes to add some flair to your saber style. It’s challenging to get the spins down, but simply takes practice. We’ll only spend a little time on this each week, as it’s better to practice at home when nobody is watching!

Figure-8’s foreward and reverse.
Inverse Grips.
Salute to overhead.
Obi-Ani Spin.

Games and Drills:

25 minute

Members: start into warm-up drills and games like the star pattern, ghosting excercise, and powder puff style sparring (that is 25% speed with pillow like strikes). This is not combat, this is partner training and should be undertaken with the spirit of playing a game. This should be fun, challenging, warming up the body, mind and reflexes for the combat to come.


Greg plays the ghost, avoiding contact with the saber

Beginners: Learn basic saber movement modules for attack and defense. begin drills if time permits


15-30 minutes

We’ll circle up and create a battle space, fighting 1V1, going to 3 points for each match. The victor stays in the ring. Sparring is not required.

Tidy up, and take a saberselfie!

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