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SaberStyle: Dancing with Light

Why dancing around around the house with your lightsaber makes you a better fighter.

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Saber Meditations

Do you ever just walk around with your lightsaber? Night time, day time, lit up or powered down, around the house or down the street? At the park? Back yard? … Continue reading

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LudoSport in the U.S. – What’s the best City?

It’s clearly time to start an American LudoSport Academy, but there’s still one major question to answer, which is of course, where to put it? If you were young entrepreneur … Continue reading

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It’s time, my dear Saber Jockeys, to raise some funds. Snag your very own LightClub T-shirt and support lightsaber combat in the US!

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Improve your Battle Breath in 2 weeks

Do you get short on breathe during the middle of drills or when sparring? Sure, maybe you need to up your cardio game a little, but there may be an … Continue reading

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LightSaber Combat Pre-hab

This is absolutely necessary if you are serious about performing well in the ring and not injuring yourself in the process. Swinging a LightSaber around is excellent for shoulder health … Continue reading

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