Lightsaber Combat

A Sport for a more Civizied Age


Frequently Asked Questions:

Are they REAL lightsabers?

Define Real. The ones we use are about as real as it gets. They have steel or aluminum hilts, with bright colored LEDs that illuminate a polycarbonate tube. You can take the blade out and it certainly looks like something out of a movie. There are sabers with sound and that takes it to the next level, but they don’t come cheap. They aren’t kids toys you see in target, that’s for sure.

Can you really fight with them?

Yes, the sabers we buy are all under warranty for combat. They are designed to withstand full contact abuse.

Does it hurt when you get hit?

Yes. But! Whelps on the skin are about the worst that can happen, assuming you are wearing eye protection, a cup (for guys), and gloves. The blades we use are called mid-grade (as opposed to heavy-grade) and are generally safer to fight with. We also practice a great deal of control, so if someone misses a block and it looks like it will really hurt, we can usually pull back before we make contact.

How much does it cost?

We request, of those that can, to donate $10-$20 per class. This helps us to provide lightsabers, gloves, and batteries.

When we hold class at an indoor facility it’s more strongly suggested because we are paying for the space.

Is this like martial arts?

We consider it more of a sport. There is certainly discipline and form involved, but not so much tradition. You can expect to fight the first day, and you don’t have to worry about passing any exams!

Having said that, we are teaching efficient movement patterns and vicious saber skills. We take this stuff relatively seriously.

What should I bring to class?

Water bottle, comfy clothes for working out, and cup if you want to fight (safely) at the end of class. If you intend to come regularly, you should invest in a pair of lacrosse gloves and a pair of safety glasses.

Do you teach private classes?

Sure do, hit us up on the Facebook page and we’ll talk about rates and availability.



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