Lightsaber Combat

A Sport for a more Civizied Age

Shii Cho Defense

Shii Cho creates the most comprehensive defense of the 7 LightSaber forms. There are 8 blocking positions which, when combined with proper footwork, are impregnable as long as you stay … Continue reading

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Polaris SSe1 by Lamadiluce: A Saber for a New Age

For a full review, check out  

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LudoSport visits the US!

Post originally found at Heroes In Public Have you ever imagined what it would feel like to hold lightsaber as it screams to life in blinding color? What if the … Continue reading

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Saber Review: Dominix and Aeon V3 by Ultrasabers

Original post at: Heroes in Public I started a lightsaber group in Kona, Hi, and guess what, no-one has a lightsaber. So, being the valiant saber citizen that I am, … Continue reading

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Blade Review: US Mid-Grade vs. SF Infinity V4

Ever wondered how the Ultrasaber’s Mid-Grade blade compares to Saberforge’s Infinity V4? (here’s a link to the video comparison)     Well you’re about to find out. These are my … Continue reading

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