Lightsaber Combat

A Sport for a more Civizied Age


 LightClub is an open sourced LightSaber group committed to teaching LightSabers Skills as they relate to combat and personal development. When we fight, we do so with a spirit of playfulness. Our intention is not necessarily to be come bad-ass warriors (though some may chose that route) but to explore movement, friendship, and connection to others.
Who we are
We are an Elite Crew of LightSaber Jockeys, training under the cloak of night in various exotic locations around the Big Island.
Okay, we’re still working towards becoming and Elite Crew of LightSaber Wielding mofo’s, but the rest is true!
What we’re doing
We come together at least once a week to work on various forms of lightsaber combat, using various saber and movement drills. We’re learning about more than how to swing a blade, but how to attack and defend with the whole body, while emphasizing precision and control. Our goal in the ring is not to dominate the opponent, but to master the self.
Where we’re going
Coruscant for the 2017 Intergalactic Saber Competition!!! The trick will be finding an affordable rig to get us there… Maybe a smugglers vessel….
In all seriousness though, we plan to expand into Hilo at some point, and to do monthly trips around the island. This would include things like LightSaber Night Hikes, Fighting on top of a mountain, and running through jungles for games like capture the flag. There may even be a certain Science Fiction Convention on the horizon… Stay tuned!


In short:
Lightclub is about learning to be a bad-ass Jedi.
It’s about mastering the Saber, and the self.
It’s about connection between partners.
It’s about community.
Let’s be honest, it’s about the fight. The moment when all else slips away, and what is left is you, your saber, and your opponent.
Welcome to LightClub.

Meet the Instructors

Sam Sanders:
Sam is a transplant from the desert planet New Mexico, and is loving the life aquatic. He’s been training his Force Heal Skills (massage) since 2013, flow arts since 2015, and running around with a cape and underwear on the outside since 1993. All he’s ever wanted out of life is to be a Jedi, and it seems that time has come. Dreamer. Schemer. LightSaber Slinger.
Greg Chunn:
Greg hails from a strange land know as North Carolina, but he seems alright.

The Big Island called to him in the winter of 2015, and he’s been living the high adventure lifestyle ever since. Greg lives to find remote spots, climb tall things, and then jump off them. It’s Greg’s pragmatic mind that keeps the wheels on the tracks around here.


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