Lightsaber Combat

A Sport for a more Civizied Age

Core Principles

Rules are important, but principles are key for living and growing in the right direction. That’s why we’ve developed (and are developing) the LightClub Core Principles.


The Self. The other. The Environment. The Saber.

We honor ourselves by training our bodies, minds, and skills. We honor others by taking responsibility for our actions, including any pain we might cause. We honor the environment by mindfully navigating and interacting with it, taking a wide perspective that encompasses everything from the arena to the oceans. We honor the Saber through regular training and mindful use.

We are bound by Honor to the betterment of the group and those that join us.


We are to be constantly evolving in our practice, pausing for reflection, and then returning to motion, mindful of the direction we are going.

Awareness is key. We strive to be aware of ourselves, our patterns, our dreams and aspirations, our strengths and weaknesses. To be aware of our partner and what it is they need to succeed and grow. To be aware of the community and our place within it.

With time, ineffective traits should recede and be replaced by those refined through hard work and experience. Life is seldom static, but dynamic, constantly shifting beneath our feet.  If we are to live well, we must be consistently adapting to meet the challenges of the day, keeping an eye towards the end goal.

What’s your end goal?


At LightClub, we intend to create a friendly community of trust, acceptance and progress. We may end up in a fight by the end of each meeting (and it may be the best part), but we are still partners, not opponents. We are not only learning to read one another in the ring, but to look out for each other. To keep our friends safe, and to help them get to where they’re going. The kind of combat we do at LightClub creates kinship, rather than animosity.

We are the LightCrew.

These are the Core Principles of LightClub Combat.
We observe these concepts so that all can participate in a safe, fun, and creative environment, because we think that it will make the world a better place.
Join the Light Crew by signing your name (or alias) in the comments below and help us Light Up the World!
For info on the Rules we abide by in general and in the ring, see the Rules of the Ring.

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